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CHG: Removed the 10 music samples from Game Music Themes. Two songs from the G Major Music Theory set of songs. CHG: Updated many items on the options screen to use a simple checkbox. CHG: Score now updates faster while holding a note in rhythm mode. No longer requires the Learning Pack.

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CHG: Support for any resolution 800x600 or lower is now deprecated. Continue to run, but the experience won't be optimal. That have never set up the size of an actual MIDI device. FIX: The last measure line at the end of a song should now be more accurate. FIX: Flush the output queue before resetting output device on OS X. FIX: Note names shown on the keyboard setup screen now show the correct octave.

In the denominator will no longer cause a crash. OPT: Increased speed of drawing measure lines in the falling note view. OPT: Increased speed of drawing effects, keys, and notes. NEW: Loop/repeat sections. Right-click-drag the timeline to create one. In practice mode, extra statistics are shown while inside loops. NEW: Use the 0 through 9 keys to quickly jump between bookmarks. NEW: Set your keyboard size and mode from the Keyboard Setup screen.

You choose from a few different ways to handle notes outside your range. Your keyboard and choosing an appropriate mode from the same screen.

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CHG: Holding notes longer now increases your score! Start the song at with keyboards smaller than 88 keys. CHG: The maximum score multiplier has been reduced from 5. Of being based on how accurately timed the note was played.

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CHG: Show a notice below the Practice Mode button if no You Play tracks picked. CHG: Made the checkbox graphic a little nicer to match the new radio button. CHG: Updated a few "Back" buttons to say "Go Back".

Will route back there instead of the Song Library when backing out. Quickly on the song library screen while scrolling with the keyboard.

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Pause between device resets. FIX: Ctrl+left click is now correctly treated as a right-click in OS X. Longer appear to also be available.

FIX: Device resets could cause certain devices to report an error. FIX: "You Play, Muted" tracks are now considered for "Zoom to 'You Play'". FIX: Rewinding a song no longer corrupts your average speed statistic. FIX: Added an option to discard notes that never end in MIDI files. This if you see a key that is stuck pressed down with sparks forever. FIX: The ancient QuickTime bug now has a work-around! In the advanced section of the options menu.

In the song library list (notably just after entering the library). FIX: Corrected one-frame label flickering between changes in keyboard setup.

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FIX: Don't crash when text is pasted into the LP screen with non-ASCII in it. FIX: Labels with rapidly changing text (e. Will no longer incorrectly disappear until the next change. Margin of the falling notes. Use the buttons to navigate. The range of your input device.

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This is fun on a touch-screen. NEW: Added speed and song position controls to playing screen. NEW: Song timeline is now clickable to navigate song. NEW: The sustain pedal can now be used while playing.

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"open" in the falling note display longer. NEW: Added helpful tooltip messages while hovering over certain UI elements. NEW: Added "HKCU/Software/Synthesia/FPS Limit" string key. This is especially good at reducing CPU usage. NEW: You can now mouse-wheel scroll through the song while it's paused. NEW: Option to import "markers" stored in MIDI files as song bookmarks.

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NEW: Unknown crashes in Windows now produce a mini-dump on the desktop. This may improve compatibility with certain MIDI adapters. CHG: Synthesia is now built against the Feb-2010 version of DirectX. CHG: The options screen will now fill any available screen height. More often based on the rest of the notes in that track.

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As a "You Play" note will no longer sound until you hit your notes first. Continue typing to search for complete song names. CHG: Page-up and page-down can now be used to page through the Song Library. Still loading) will jump to the next screen when loading is complete. CHG: "Fixed Do Note Names" are now referred to as "'Do Re Mi' Note Names". CHG: You can now start songs (first time only) by playing any note. Only) by pressing any note on your keyboard in addition to space bar. CHG: Improved the "X songs found" visual cue on the Add Watched Folder screen.

(Thanks again Choul, Rickeeey, and TieDyeGuy! Devices were able to handle. FIX: Corrected some drawing artifacts that occurred with ATI cards in DirectX. FIX: Scores above 1M will no longer show in scientific notation. (Before only program change messages were. "Played But Hidden" instead of "Played Automatically".

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FIX: The song length was being calculated incorrectly in some rare cases. Led to the game stopping before the final notes were finished sounding. FIX: Attempt to overcome errors while loading bad events in MIDI files. FIX: Show text even when 'Trebuchet MS' font isn't installed (under Windows). FIX: Selections in lists will now always appear fully on-screen. When there is no CD in the drive or the USB device is removed. Now limited to the first nine found. FIX: Stopped text and texture flicker at the first frame of every screen.

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FIX: Prevent multiple instances from running concurrently. To 'You Play' regardless of selected input device. That way the rhythm/practice setting doesn't reset on you. FIX: Clicks from tablet/pen devices are now handled correctly again. NEW: The sheet music view now contains rests. NEW: Practice mode scoring. NEW: Added option to toggle "concurrent chord notes" in practice mode. NEW: Added option to toggle the "next note" markers in practice mode. NEW: Added option to display English note names in rainbow colors. Extra space between notes. NEW: Added measure numbers to falling-note-display measure lines.

Space to override the default Anglo-Saxon Solfege names. Will not work with non-ASCII values. The old "File Open" boxes have been removed. NEW: Instrument icons on the track selection screen. NEW: Added 26 new songs, updated 109 to split the left and right tracks. (Thanks Choul, Rickeeey, and TieDyeGuy from the forums! NEW: New graphics littering the interface.

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On certain screens, highlighting Learning Pack features. NEW: Keyboard setup screen with fun preview areas.

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NEW: Percussion icons if a percussion track is set to "You Play". Be set to always-on from the options screen. NEW: Windows command-line options.

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Exe --help" to see them. NEW: Windowed mode (Win32 OpenGL only) via command-line. NEW: Press F5 during gameplay to toggle hiding all notes and sheet music. NEW: Hold the tab key to adjust the speed by 1% at a time instead of 10%. NEW: Number of note "errors" is now shown during play. NEW: Added quit button to gameplay screen so you can interact mouse-only. As well as some new much-needed flexibility in texture loading. Part of the same "concurrent chord notes" or not. The defaults are 165000 and 95000.